Learning In Year Five

Year Five is another exciting Year. Our Year Five share their classes with Year Six. Expectations continue to be high both on personal,academic targets and age appropriate social and emotional independence. Children take more responsibility this year and are expected to be positive role models for the younger years. The time set aside for homework increases slightly (see Homework Policy) and the expectation that it is both completed and handed in on time remains. 

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Our Enhanced Curriculum 

We want the children to throughly enjoying each age and stage of their childhood. We enhance and extend our Curriculum through learning and being outside. FAB Fridays will see all children engaged in lessons outside that build on the skill they have learnt during the week. They apply their learning to real life, making the very most of our wonderful environment and supportive community. Similarly, we extend the children's unerstanding of the world around them through Life Skills and learning how to use Makaton to sign. Your Teaching Team will let you know what is being taught, and when, though regular updates. 

Children who are new to the Academy will be introduced to Italian whilst those who are continuing their education at the Academy will expand their knowledge and use of the Italian language. 

Hikes and a variety of learning experiences tests children's teamwork skills, their excellent communication skills and their resilience this year. This combined with the opportunity to enjoy another residential visit ensures that Year Five is action packed. 

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