It is important that we strive for 100% attendance for all children. However, it is unrealistic to presume that children will not be ill nor will they not need some time away during term time. Government instructions about taking time away from education are clear that it should only be in extenuating circumstances. This is something we support and ask families to do so as well.

If your child is unwell please do phone us as soon as you know they will not be attending school. You may leave a message on the office phone 01760 337 217. You can also contact us by email or use the absence form on the website.

If there are reasons as to why your child should be away from their learning during a school day, we do need to know, and authorisation has to be given by the Executive Principal.

We understand in circumstances such as ours, families can be separated for lengthy periods of time. Returning home and leave entitlements do not take into account school holidays. We are also aware and understand that families can live a long way from their extended families who may either require support or are part of a support network for the family who are affected by detachment. We are prepared for this and ask that you complete a Leave in Term Time form available on the website giving as much detail as possible as to why time away from school should be granted. We are also on hand to support families where possible if they are affected by separation, and have a number of services we are able to direct you to. 

We do have a statutory duty to ensure that children are in school and are held to account for this by both the Local Authority and Department for Education. If you, or we, feel that your child's attendance is becoming a cause for concern it will be discussed at academy level with the Executive Principal in the first instance.