Pastoral Care

Strong pastoral support a key feature of our ethos. We believe that a child's emotional health is paramount to them being able to successfully access their learning opportunities. We know that sometimes every day upsets can mean different things to different children, and it is important that each child knows, from the earliest days of being in our academy, they can discuss their feelings. 

Children access support readily and understand that there are avenues open to them to discuss their feelings and seek support. To ensure that there is a common language across our academy, we have categorised the types of support that children access. 

Types of Pastoral Support


A structured program for all children across both academies that focuses on building and  sustaining friendships with peer support that are age appropriate. The aim of this program is for children to use and embed their understanding of their roles in relationships whilst managing their emotions without the need for adult intervention.

INPUT 2 - Internal Pastoral Support

One to one support for children to manage emotions and / or behaviour

Group support for children managing friendships and falling out

Accessible throughout the academy day

One to One support for children and their families to work through identified incidents e.g. family breakdown, challenging behaviours etc.

 INPUT 3 – referred service to Specialist Support Worker

One to one support for children and their families providing a more focused intervention possibly requiring further support from other professionals.

Group work focusing on transition for vulnerable children

Activities such as Lego Therapy

INPUT 4 - referred service for families who need support with relationships between children and adults at home

All support is strictly confidential and reflective of the confidentiality clauses we work to.

Input 3 and 4  work with families, information is restricted to the child, family and professionals only on a need to know basis with the permission given by families.

We also work closely with professionals from the wider community; both statutory and non statutory services.