About Us

Described as a 'happy school with a nice feel', Cherry Tree Academy Marham Infant is nestled in the heart of the families service accommodation in Upper Marham. Children attending our Academy come from the immediate area and further afield (sometimes as far as Cambridgeshire).

Whilst a large majority of our children are from a service background, we have a fair representation of children who are not. One of the many features of our academy is the high number of children who move in and out of the area. We understand and cater for children who stay with us for their infant schooling or those who join and leave us during the academy year. We have ensured our policies and practices offer the very best for both the children and their families.

Our aim is to ensure that all children thoroughly enjoy their primary education, creating fond memories and a thirst for knowledge that will last them throughout their lives.

Learning, Living, Laughing are three words we believe and stand by each day.

Learning - our core focus, we aim to provide an outstanding education for all children in our care. We are working hard to ensure that we continue to improve all aspects of the education we offer by keeping up to date with the latest developments and continually assessing our own practice against national standards.

Living - we firmly believe that whatever we teach in the classroom we need to be able to apply to real life situations, making our learning real. We will make the most of opportunities that allow us to make the most of our learning and wonderful environment.

Laughing - without a laugh in our day we wouldn't get the most out of learning or living. We want our children to be children who enjoy making the most of their childhood. 

We would love to welcome you to our Academy for a short visit to see us in action. Please do contact the office by telephone on 01760 337 217 or email infantoffice@cherrytreeacademy.norfolk.sch.uk to make an appointment to see the Executive Principal.

We endeavour to provide as much flexibility as possible in the arrangement of our classes to accommodate the needs of our children.

For the academic year 2023 - 2024 we will have seven classes.


Butterfly Class 

Mrs Bramham

Firefly Class

Mrs Symonds

Caterpillar Class

Miss Allen

Ladybird Class

Mr Grass

Grasshopper Class

Mrs Steward and Miss Garner

Bee Class

Miss Wakeman

Beetle Class

Miss Holliday